Hi there! You’ve found Root + All.

Apologies, we haven’t had the time to update our website in a little while. We’ve been busy humanizing economic data and making sense of water research, helping a group of educators express their values and share their knowledge, building a digital front door for a new community center, writing about play, space, and teachers, asking kids to explain contemporary art, building a database for a community of practice, turning a book into a website and an animation, teaching teachers to tell stories, coding with kids, bringing a website to life, finding the right words to describe what happens when teachers teach teachers, running social media experiments for a think tank, marking the spot where equity and innovation intersect, and searching for world-class ideas in our own backyard.

We make things for people who do things.

If you’re doing something and need us to make you something, drop a line at hello@rootandall.com.

Root + All is these two people. That’s Arielle and this is Ryan, seen here in Pittsburgh, USA, the place they live.