Hi, we’re Root + All.

We make creative and technical solutions for clients with creative and technical problems.

Photo of Ryan and Arielle, the two people behind Root + All

Root + All is these two people: Arielle Evans and Ryan Coon.

A sample of Root + All's work

What we do

We write, design, and build what you’re looking for.

We build understanding and change minds. We put technology to work in service of you, your team, and your audience. We’re skilled in a wide variety of disciplines and platforms. And we’re always up to try something new with you.











We take projects from start to finish.

We’re project managers with the skills and guts to make things happen. We can collaborate intensely with you, or you can pass us a project and we’ll make something great while you’re busy kicking butt.

We start by listening. We ask a lot of questions to understand what you’re looking for.

We create and assemble the pieces, and we don’t stop tweaking until everyone is happy with the result.

We burrow into the weeds to find the right tools and techniques for your project and your goals.

When we finish a project, we leave you with the knowledge and tools to work it yourself.


We make all kinds of things.

A sample of Root + All's sensemaking media work

Sensemaking Media

Texts and visuals that unpack complex ideas.

A sample of Root + All's data interfaces work

Data Interfaces

Dashboards and databases that inform and engage.

A sample of Root + All's interactive tools work

Interactive Tools

Games and tools that reframe important issues.


We’ve been at this since 2017. Here are some of the organizations we’ve worked with along the way.


Our typical engagements range from 50 to 500 hours at an average hourly rate of $120.